“Cherry Trees” by Leah Rich

Relationships, a lot like seasons, go through many changes. Spring is the happiest and the most harmonious part of a relationship. Summer is the honeymoon period. Autumn sheds the old to prepare for change and growth. Winter is a test of survival and a time of rest/reflection. We all go through the many phases of relationships, hoping to reach spring again.

The new single “Cherry Trees” is a light-hearted theme for springtime love. Leah Rich describes a whimsical journey of new love ready to take full bloom. Mimicking cherry trees in the spring, this song is all about nurturing a new relationship at the right time. Cherry trees are a metaphor for the beginning of a relationship where a connection between two people can step into its full potential and embark on all the seasons that come thereafter.

The song opens with a jazzy intro that sets a romantic melody, warming up to a euphoric hook. Leah Rich possesses a velvety voice that entrances her listeners, bringing them into a love story. It also touches on the metaphor of physical blooming. When flowers bloom, it unfolds beauty and health while simultaneously opens itself up to do what lovers do. Leah Rich’s lyrics are dynamic and clear,

 “I wanna do with you what spring does with the cherry tree … The time has come to bloom; you and I have grown complete.”

This is an ideal song for love on the horizon. Cherry trees are known for their early spring bloom. They are the first trees to bloom for the season, making it the first sight of beauty. Leah Rich’s colorful lyrics refer to the readiness of a relationship to take the next step. As winter melts away, Rich makes clear she is ready to bloom with her partner. The season has come for “Cherry Trees.” 

Reviewed by: Abeni Moreno





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