“Parlor Trick” by Swivvel

On their debut single “Parlor Trick”, Swivvel sound incredibly mature and cohesive. Rarely do groups sound as complete and figured out this early on in their career. Although this is the only single released on streaming services, they have managed to develop a unique sound and feel all their own. The drums are tight, the guitars are dreamy, and the vocals just float over it all creating a delivery that leaves you feeling warm and comfortable.

The hook is infectious and I keep finding myself humming it throughout my day. Written to an unnamed “you” the lyrics reason with insecurity in oneself and just wanting to belong. Lines like “Simple never dies” help convey the feeling of longing that drives the song. Intricate melodies preach that life doesn’t always need to be as complicated as will I go to heaven or hell? Sometimes just feeling like you belong is enough.

The song manages to be both playful and introspective, all while keeping the groove going and energy up. The ethereal guitars fit perfectly alongside the drum fills. No part of the band overtakes any other part, they all have their moments and manage to not step on each other’s toes or sound too busy. Every listen I found a new part of the song I found unique and enjoyed. For the first track released under the name Swivvel the band has set the bar incredibly high and I’m eager to see what else they have in the works.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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