“Mother Calls” by Scott & Maria

The sharp cliffs and rolling hills of Scotland paint a natural beauty that draws people from all over. The Brighton-based duo, Scott & Maria pay homage to this historic and fragile land on their newest single, “Mother Calls”. With Scotland’s iconic instrument, the bagpipes, droning in the background, Maria leads the melody. Sounding powerful yet fragile she drives the song delivering lyrics that encapsulate the ancient beauty; effortlessly carrying the song through its highs and lows.

The addition of drums, strings, and backing vocals fill out the sound without straying from that primal feeling. Large open drums aid the storytelling and help set the scene. Once Scott enters supporting the vocals, “Mother Calls” is already reaching its pinnacle. His voice adds the foundation for Maria to powerfully deliver the chorus.

Although the texture consists of just a few voices the song never feels thin. Chords are defined by the intricate vocal lines+ and whatever note is in the drone. Because of this the song doesn’t feel constrained to a single key or color. The melodic lines seem to wander, as though on a journey somewhere; going wherever the wind blows.

Inspired by an experience with the Callanish Stones, an assortment of standing stones arranged like a cross with a circle in the middle, Scott and Maria provide beautiful harmonies that match the energy perfectly. The way the song pushes through the last drum beat leaves the harmonies ringing ominously. Everything came together in a way that makes even me, someone who has never been to Scotland, understand what Scott and Maria felt while there that day.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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