“Kindness” by Linda Marks

Linda Marks is an artist best known for creating passionate music with poetic yet conversational lyricism. Her newest album, “Kindness” is no exception. Featuring just

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“Free Heart” by Thegraceisback

Gorgeous only begins to describe Thegraceisback’s newest release, “Free Heart”. Elegant piano lines push and pull at your emotions, easily capturing the different moods. Fully

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“Morals” by Helen

“Morals” is the latest release from Helen, the powerhouse RnB vocalist based out of the DMV  area (DC/Maryland/Virginia for you non-Americans). Playful synthesizers set the

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“For Now” by Jason Maxwell

Easy listening only begins to describe “For Now”, the latest release from Toronto-based singer songwriter Jason Maxwell. Warm vocals dance overtop the gentle stings that

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“What?” by Milktheram

Milktheram is an incredibly talented band from the UK. On their latest release, “What?” they easily combine the energy of rock and personable lyricism in

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“Miles” by Paraphon

Paraphon are a band best known for their nostalgic synths and delicate vocals. “Miles”, their latest release, is no exception. Easily blending raw intensity and

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