Artist Interview: “Never Subtract” by Alexio

Q: What was the best part about working on “Never Subtract”?

ALEXIO: The best part on working on this song was just being in the studio. I practiced the song a lot before the session and once we started I was ready to go no mistakes with lyrics or anything like that. The preparation helped the process go really smooth and the entire recording was around less than an hour. 

Q: What kind of reaction have you gotten from your peers and family? What reaction are you hoping to get from listeners?

ALEXIO: My friends enjoyed the song. They thought it was really good and they saw the progression of me as an artist compared to my earlier work. I’m hoping that listeners see this as something fresh and different. As something new and worth paying attention to.


Q: Now, you’re just starting, and you obviously have talent. What’s one dream you hope to come true regarding your music career?

ALEXIO: I want to have a diamond certified record when its all said and done.


Q: What got you interested in music?

ALEXIO: Since I was younger, I’ve been interested in music. My favorite artists inspired me to get started and try it out for myself. I was constantly listening, researching, and watching out for things in the music industry and for my favorite artists, so it only made sense to try it out. 

Q: What does your life look like outside of music?

ALEXIO: I really like working out and being in the gym. Also, spending time with my inner circle and doing things with them.


Q: What do you want people to know about you?

ALEXIO: I want people to know that music is probably the most important thing in my life and that I really care about it. I really want to leave a mark and create records that are timeless. I want to create songs that people will gravitate towards and love. 

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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