Artist Interview: “State School Kids” by METHODS

Q: Personally, the dance pop vibe channels 2000s anthems of a similar genre. Was this intentional, and if not, what inspired the musical direction of ‘’State School Kids’’?

METHODS: I don’t think there was any real intention as such. It was clear early doors that the first half and second half of the tune could be different songs. We were proud to finally get the local historic town of “Bilston” into one of our tunes after many years of trying

Q: What terminology would you use to describe your musical aesthetic?

METHODS:  I’m really sure, but there is nearly always a groove. There is nearly always a set of ideas that shouldn’t work together. There is always intensity.

Q: For me, the arpeggiator and glockenspiel riffs in ‘’State School Kids’’ are amazing! Why did you choose this sound as the track’s focal point?

METHODS: The arp was just toying around with synths and it just sounded good, and was an Interesting base for a song. The glockenspiel, have you heard the soundtrack to Badlands or True Romance? That glockenspiel sound just sounded like a mad idea next to a dirty arpeggiator

Q:  ‘’State School Kids’’ celebrates messing around with your friends. What are your best memories from this time in your life, if any come to mind?

METHODS: Going over the park, lighting fires and throwing cans of lynx aerosol on. The anticipation of when the explosion would occur was unreal

Q:  I think the track would sound wonderful in a huge arena or festival ground. When lockdown restrictions are lifted, what and where would your dream venue be?

METHODS: Benicassim would be nice. Our intensity in that heat would be amazing

Q: Can fans expect new material from you in the near future?

METHODS: Yes we have nearly completed recording an album. We started this when lockdown happened, state school kids was the first time we did. The album has morphed into something we never expected and state school kid won’t be on it. We can’t wait to surprise people with what we have done

Interviewed by Sadie Willis-Falkiner





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