“Devoir” By Scott Bathgate

The new single “Devoir” from Scottish producer Scott Bathgate and Swedish singer Nadya Albertsson is a soulful time warp. Devoir is a reflective piece with a beautifully euphoric melody that consumes the ears of its listeners. It reflects on a time (the past) which filled the mind with chatter and emptiness. The song creatively describes past regrets and distractions – all the “should haves” and wasted time was an easy focus point in isolation. The single was created during a Covid lockdown and highlighted the importance of not taking life for granted. There is no better time than now to chase after dreams and make the most out of life. The fruitful and smooth voice of Nadya presents a mesmerizing performance in Devoir. She sings,

I should have been more understanding of ya

Should have tried to keep it up without ya

I should have aligned myself 

Should’ve never been derailed 

All this time before ya

Devoir wonderfully dissipates the disarray, solitude, and chaos that the world experienced during a global pandemic. The unique composing pattern of music and lyrics spark new and motiving energy, stepping into a new phase of life. 

This world is up for grabs

We gotta let them know.

The track metaphorically encourages fans to seize the day! And go for what will bring happiness and light. Devoir is the third single from the Bathgate and Albertsson collaboration. There is no arguing that this talented duo has a bright future in creating genuinely magical music together. Go check out their new single, Devoir and support these rising artists.

Interviewed by Abeni Moreno





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