Artist Interview: “High” by Micah Thunder

Q: We love your songwriting! What first got you into music?


MICAH THUNDER: I grew up dancing with my Dad. He’s a trained dancer, I was inspired by his passion and how he experienced music. I grew up playing guitar and writing music for myself. About 3 years ago, I started reaching out to local music producers to help me produce music.



Q: What has been one of your most favorite memories along the path to making “High”?

MICAH: Making connections with new people. I reached out to a friend who helped work on the synth. He riffed on the song for awhile, finding themes and sounds. That was a first-time collaboration with him. It was really wonderful!

Q: What do you do when you AREN’T working on music?

MICAH: Chase around my day job and spend time with my family. I think a lot about how to support myself with art.



Q: We think the meaning behind “High” is pretty special. Walk us through your writing and production process in making “High”.

MICAH: I was grocery shopping when I heard a Kelly Clarkson come on. When I really dig a song, I’ll start making up lyrics and complimenting melodies. I wanted to write a song to capture a similar empowering spirit. I put those lyrics in the back pocket for a few months, humming and working on ideas. After releasing my previous single, “Here I Am” I wanted an upbeat song. It was a great opportunity to work on “High”.
I work closely with my music producer, Edgar Wonder when I start production. We’ll get a few base tracks and work from there. We wanted “High” to be dynamic, so we left a lot of space for vocals. We work with a local studio, On The Moon Studios for vocal tracking. When I’m at the studio, I have my lyrics about 98% done so I can leave room for ad-lib and freestyle.

Q: In your own words, how would you describe the music that you typically create?


MICAH: Space Cowboy Music. I am a fellow traveller on the Wild Journey of Life. I love mixing the sounds of guitar with modern production aesthetics. I’m writing about experiences of self-discovery and self-acceptance.
My writing is a reflection of my mental health journey. It is a process of refinement. I walk to the edge of the cliff and take a leap of faith.



Q: What is coming up next for you?

MICAH: I will be releasing more Summer season music, working towards my album release ‘Seeking Signs’. I hope to release by end of 2021. I’ll be featured on Bands of Enchantment on PBS through the Summer season. Finally, I am working with a music collective, Monsoon Music House. We’re helping to get live music running again in Albuquerque.


Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich





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