“Paces” by Kura Sky

During these times of turmoil, your search for serenity can end thanks to electronic-duo Kura Sky (Sam Lloyd and Will Taylor). Their debut single “Paces,” featuring the New Zealand/Brighton-based band Moors, is just the thing you need to kick back, relax, and ease the mind of your worries.

“Paces” addresses the discovery of hope and reverie that come with changes to our everyday lives. Looking at everything occurring since the start of 2020, it’s obvious Kura Sky is the most innovative and selfless duo to release this great tune to help us get through difficult times.

The sweet and soothing ambiance of “Paces” takes you on the most peaceful journey with its glorious dynamics and intimate atmosphere. The instrumentals are complex and refreshing—the dynamics are breathtaking, stimulating, and blend perfectly with the vocals—they don’t overshadow the vocals. As the instrumentals build and become more complex, the intensity increases, causing all the arms on your arm to stand at attention.

The cherry on top of this track is the engrossing vocals that give the song its warm and soothing tone. The surprising part would have to be how the vocals can capture your attention without any effort. The lyrics are charming and empathetic, especially with the lyrics, “Occupations are first, start to look around, Oh I know someday it’s gotta end, you go back to the job you wanna quit so bad, and I still don’t know why time has stopped, yet you can’t slow down.”

“Paces” in its entirety is alluring and delightful. There’s not one doubt that Kura Sky is one of the most talented duos, and we certainly can’t wait to hear what they have next for us.

Written by Taylor Berry

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