Artist Interview: “Every Dose” by Mariah Counts

Q: Tell us a little bit more of when you starting shifting your career from fitness to music.

MARIAH COUNTS: The moment where I realized that music was my greatest passion was after I competed on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s TV show “The Titan Games” where I met 100 amazing athletic humans. I just had the epiphany that the same way they were passionate about fitness, that is how I felt about music. I had already pursued sports and reached a very elite level in college. I needed to finally fulfill my dream and zest for life in a music career. 



Q: Tell us a little bit more of your upcoming album and the inspiration behind it.

MARIAH: Lost in the Sauce is essentially a quarantine break up album. The songs range from feelings I had towards the end of my relationship to ones I wrote during quarantine, post-breakup. Some songs are extremely sad and vulnerable while others actual depict a more upbeat reflection of the many different emotions I encountered while healing. This album is the perfect reflection of the idea that my life can range from happy to sad to chaotic but I love it. For me, the release of this record is my way of letting everyone know that I am going to do whatever the hell I want and express it however the hell I like.

Q: We notice you record everything at home and independently, is there any key collaborators you have working with you?

MARIAH: Fortunately, I have a home studio set up that allows me to get all my song ideas recorded into demos. After that I take them to my dude MINTZ. We spent all of quarantine together. We flushed out all my recorded emotions and were able to come out of the pandemic with an entire album. He is like a brother to me and has helped me really start to find MY SOUND and evolve as an artist.



Q: Your newest single is awesome! How was the songwriting process from your latest single “Every Dose”?

MARIAH: I wrote Every Dose after a therapy session where I discussed a certain addiction I had to my ex. I had that feeling that even though my ex said crazy things I would still be hung up on every word. I would do anything for a chance to see her or talk to her. I wanted to write a song about that feeling when you have this type of affinity for someone and the high you get when you get just a small dose of them. Any sort of contact gives you a fix.

Q: What do you do when you AREN’T working on music?

MARIAH: When I am not doing music I am usually outside with friends at the beach or by a pool in the day time! At night, I am either staying in and watching a scary movie with friends or out dancing the night away on the weekends! I also find myself at the gym doing crazy fun Crossfit workouts with my friends!



Q: What is your personal favorite song from the upcoming album and why?

MARIAH: Picking my favorite song off the album is difficult because they are all pieces to my life story. They all helped me heal and express emotions that could only be let out through writing and performing. However, forced to choose one I would say ‘Nothing’. This song is very special to me because I began writing it towards the end of my relationship. Most times when I write, I don’t know how I feel about certain life events. Then I listen back and realize the words, melodies and style of playing all point to a distinct emotion. It began to help me realize how sad and unhappy I was in my relationship. I felt a great amount of reconciliation when recording the track in the studio and I began to let all my frustrations and demons go during the process. I’m most proud of the writing and courage that it took me to release it to the world.



Q: You’ve been working music quite a while, is there any advice you would give to someone just starting out?

MARIAH: GO FOR IT. So many people say they want to do things and they never do. That is what separates the ones who are just talk from those who actual walk. I am coming up on 2 years officially being serious about my music career and I constantly get comments on my work ethic and commitment to following my dreams. I also highly suggest doing your research and always looking for ways to be frugal and resourceful! Those two things can help you out tremendously when starting out on little to no budget. Lastly, ENJOY THE PROCESS.


Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich






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