Artist Interview: “I Hear Them” by Maris Ben

Q: I absolutely love “I Hear Them”! The song is so beautiful, thought provoking and powerful. Was there a specific time or incident that inspired you to write the song?

Maris Ben: It was during winter lock down in Paris, I was alone in my apartment fighting with my own demons and feeling sad and depressed. It was not a lovely time and the energy was bad. So I ended up giving in and attempting to face my demons with music and this is how “I Hear Them” came to life. I was facing society and also the echo of their words in my head.

Q: In “I Hear Them” you sing about the judgement you feel from other people, has it been hard to put yourself out there as a musician?

Maris Ben: At first yes! it was hard for me to put my first song online, I somehow felt I was not enough and that what I do is “stupid” as we live in a society that can tackle you from anywhere and at anytime. When you put a part of you online, it is exposing yourself and there is always a risk. But I grew stronger than that fear and today, I’m owning my life and my music and I don’t hesitate to press the upload button. It is my music and it is destined for the people who will understand it and like it. Today I’m very open to other people criticizing as it allows another view on my music that I might never have. And to me it is a strength.

Q: What type of sound would you say influences you as an artist?

Maris Ben: I had many music phases in my life and I think folk music, Nordic and generally emotional songs influences me so much. I’m so into alternative pop and Indie pop. I also noticed that most of the artist that influenced me are females such as AURORA, Eivor, Pomme, Lorde, Enya…

Q: What was the process in creating “I Hear Them”?

Maris Ben: “I Hear Them” was the first songs of mine that I ended up collabing on with another producer. His name is I-Pku and he is based in Tunis. I sent a casual demo of the song and he liked and asked if he could collab on it with me and the thought pleased me and it pleased even more when I hear how beautiful his touch was on this song.

Q: When you’re not working on music, what do you like to do?

Maris Ben: I like to go out, travel discover cities and places I have never been. I like to see people, they are inspiring and train rides and flights bring me philosophical ideas, I really love that. I like to dance, to swim in the beach and cook.

Q: Your music is so incredible! Do you have plans to release an EP or album in the future?

Maris Ben: Thank you! Yes my plan is to release singles and then put them all in a whole album. I’m also going to release a new song very soon, it will be in July so I’m very excited!

Interviewed by Shoshana Silow





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