Artist Interview: “LUVPACK” by Kai Blu

Q: “LUVPACK” is such a great EP that explores different elements and sides to being in love. What inspired you to take this angle on your EP?

KAI BLU: With “LUVPACK” I initially wanted to tell a complete love story, but I couldn’t bring myself to follow the rules. Love is sporadic, filled with ups, downs, lefts, and rights. I wanted it to be open and honest.

Q: Which song on the “LUVPACK” do you feel the most connected to?

KAI BLU: The song I am most connected to has to be “Comfortable”. This was the first song I made before “LUVPACK” was even a thought. It came from a personal experience in that moment.I feel its very raw and anyone who has been in a relationship could relate to feeling their significant other getting comfortable within the relationship where the effort begins to lack. 

Q: What led you on the path to becoming an artist?

KAI BLU: I was always around music from a young age. My parents are both from the caribbean so my dad had a reggae/soca band. He would have late night band practices and I would sit in the room and just fall in love with all the sounds around me. I would watch my dad play the keys and copy him. I soon picked up the guitar after I fell in love with guitar hero and rock music. As I grew up music became a saving grace when I had nobody to talk too. I was a quiet, deal with it on my own type of kid so this is how I expressed myself.

Q: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?

KAI BLU: I don’t think its fair for me to answer this question at all because I admire so many artists. If I had to choose either Frank Ocean or The Weeknd. They have had a tremendous effect on me as an artist and person. The open, honesty of who they are inspired me and always got me through hard times.

Q: If you could describe “LUVPACK” in three words, what would they be?

KAI BLU: Describing “LUVPACK” in only three words all I really can say is… ONLY THE BEGINNING

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

KAI BLU: Something I wish someone told me before I began this journey as an artist is to put your pride aside, enjoy the journey please do not rush it, and GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY !!!

Interviewed by Shoshana Silow





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