Artist Interview: “Tea for Two” by Blake Baker

Q: Tea for Two” has a lighthearted tune, yet seems to have lyrics that are telling a more serious story. What was the inspiration for writing this song?

BLAKE BAKER: Thank you, I’m glad you’ve picked up on that. ‘Tea for two’ is a hopeful love song about a blossoming relationship and wistfully thinking of the future with someone special that you’ve just met. I wrote the song about my girlfriend and the lyrics focus on all the little things that you notice when you’re first getting to know someone. The song has a great personal meaning to me but I think the listener can relate to the hopeful optimism that we all feel when we have a connection with someone special.

Q: What is your favorite lyric in “Tea for Two” and why?

BLAKE BAKER: I really focus on the lyrics in my songs and so they are all relevant to my story, but I really like to try and be inventive with lyrics so that the listener can interpret them. For instance, in ‘Tea for two’, I like the line ‘she’s got a tongue full of words in a number of worlds’. My girlfriend is multilingual, so I thought this was quite an inventive way of saying she can speak different languages and adapt to different environments, but it’s just one example that comes to mind!

Q: Do you have any projects that you’re currently working on?

BLAKE BAKER: Yes, I’m currently recording more music. I have a lot of material written and I’m working on some singles and an EP, can’t wait to release them! As well as that I’m @blakebakermusic on socials and I’m always making new things (including guitar lessons, vlogs, covers, and lots more!)

Q: What was the writing and production process in creating “Tea for Two”?

BLAKE BAKER: I actually wrote the song a few years ago but never got it recorded to the standard I wanted to begin with. Anyway whilst playing a local open mic night I met a local talented musician called Mark Tug (his band are called The Fishes And I) and he offered me some time in his home studio to record the track. We worked together really well and I’m so happy with how it came out thanks to Mark’s know how.

Q: When you’re not working on music, what do you like to do?

BLAKE BAKER: I like to share other peoples’ music and go to gigs too. I’m getting more into photography so I’ve been taking some pictures for other musicians and doing my best to support others in the local scene, which I think is so important!

Q: You have a really incredible voice! What first got you into music?

BLAKE BAKER: Thanks very much! I’ve always been into music, but it wasn’t till I was at University (studying chemistry and not music), when I finally got the confidence to start investing more time into music and it’s taken off from there, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my musical career!

Interviewed by Shoshana Silow





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