Artist Interview: “Heartbreak” by Lunarcode

Q: I want to start by saying that I love your sound, its soothing yet makes me want to dance, who are the inspirations behind Lunarcode?

LUNARCODE: That’s so awesome to hear! We have a lot of musical inspirations. We really love tying in feelings of classic rock and different genres of music fused together with a modern sound of today. Some inspirations of ours are Queen, Bruno Mars, Nothing but Thieves, Prince, Foo Fighters, BMTH, and many others!

Q: Who is Lunarcode and how did you all start Lunarcode?

LUNARCODE: Lunarcode was born pretty much out of the pandemic. Vinny and Ronny were both working in a local theater show together and Vinny saw Ronny performing on stage and felt the passion in his guitar. Vinny approached him after the show and expressed how deeply moved he was and how he wanted to be up there in that world with him. Vinny was a backup singer for another performer where Ronny played guitar and then from there, Ronny randomly sent Vinny an instrumental riff to see if he liked it. In less than an hour Vinny sent him a verse, and that song became “Parasite” (releasing in August!). We came up with “Heartbreak” and “Parasite” pretty quickly and it was clear we needed a drummer, and that’s when Jason came into the mix. The three of us meshed well pretty quickly and it just took off. We were knockin out song after song and then less than a year later we have an EP finished waiting to be released and going on shooting our third music video.

Q: Was there an ex that was the inspiration behind “Heartbreak?”

LUNARCODE: Heartbreak is not necessarily about ONE person in particular. Vinny was in the process of getting kinda the “GHOST” vibe from someone he was really into at the time. While one person was ghosting him, he was trying to distract himself somewhere else and was getting the same thing there too. It’s a reoccurring thing, especially dating in Los Angeles. It’s like you fall for one person or think WOW I really dig this one, and then they had a different agenda. He still has love for them, no hard feelings. He got to write a great song out of the experience!

Q: I checked out your website and it’s quite impressive how many awards you have won, what has been one of the most significant award that you’ve been given?

LUNARCODEThe awards are amazing, but what’s more amazing is having people love our music and connect to us. There are some special ones though. Our first awards came from Sweden so that was a special moment. There are a couple festivals that had big names like the Music Video Underground had Adele, Macy Gray, and the Weeknd all won awards at this festival and we WON that festival too BAND OF THE MONTH so that was AMAZING. There was also a festival known as American Tracks Music Awards that we won both Artist Revelation of the Month and Rock band of the month, honestly every award has been so special.

Q:  Great music video, I love dancing so the concept of having a dancer in your video I think is unique, what was your favorite moment in making the music video?

LUNARCODEVinny attended an international dance academy where he studied business of dancers and different genres of dance. When making the video he knew he wanted movement. You’ll notice too in the upcoming videos that there is also a lot of movement and dance. We loved the spontaneity of it all. We were very much like .. ok this location looks rad let’s shoot here. It had the boxing ring in it and Jessica Gillette, our directing partner happened to be a professional boxer. Our original concept did not include the boxer, but when we found the location we knew we had to include her! Then from there the dancing concept was something that just kept playing in Vinny’s mind and it turned out even better than it played out in his head. Working with our cinematographer Justin Aguirre is always great because he’s always pulling little tricks out that just blows us away. When we all started writing music together, I don’t think any of us thought it would get to the point of lets make music videos and win awards. We had no expectations, we were just writing and in realizing how fun our material was, everything else fell into place. Heartbreak will always be a super special video to us.

Q: What is next for Lunarcode and when can we expect and album?

LUNARCODE: We are very excited to show the versatility of our music with our next single “Cuttin’ the Cord” releasing on July 9th. We already have 5 other songs recorded, so be expecting a few single releases throughout 2021 and make sure to follow our journey. We will be releasing our EP in early 2022!

Interviewed by Jaye Maverick




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