Artist Interview: “Aurus EP” by Aurus

Q: Your vocal techniques on your EP are phenomenal. What was your
creative process in making Aurus EP?

AURUS: Well first of all: thank you ! ^_^  For most of this EP, I worked hard on the pre-production alone, in the room of my old flat in Paris, France. I usually start with the music, then the melody comes to me, before I write the lyrics and all the arrangements and backing vocals. I also like to use (and transform) the sounds and noises I like to gather in nature. Once I had the right structure, the right rhythmic patterns, harmony, melody and enough arrangements to show where I wanted to go, I gave the baby to the amazing Anthony Winzenrieth, who produced and mixed the whole thing. He managed beautifully to enhance everything without changing the personal color and direction I had in mind. On the track « scalp », Anthony had more space to direct because I didn’t push the pre-production so far. I had the lyrics, melody and hooks and the main harmony. He actually went spot on with the best arrangements I could have wished for ! 

Q: What is your personal favorite song from the Aurus EP and why?

AURUS: That’s a tough one ! ^_^ If I had to pick one as my favorite, it would be « Momentum » because it stays as a Mantra to constantly remind me to focus on the present moment, and this definitely gave me the momentum to write this EP and my upcoming album ! 

Q: How has growing up in La Réunion, France affected your music?

AURUS: Reunion Island is an overseas region of France. It is so far from mainland France in so many ways : Geographically speaking (it’s close to Madagascar, off the cost of South Africa, in the Indian Ocean) and culturally speaking : we are at some sort of a crossroad between Africa, Asia, India … The population has always been really mixed and this melting pot is seen in our food, our language and our music of course ! These are my roots. Growing up here, in this blue and green paradise where all religion live peacefully together has made me eager to learn from others, embrace diversity as a core strength and I think my music comes from there. On my upcoming album, you’ll hear my native Creole co-existing with English, you’ll see the traditional music from my island (Maloya) weaving a singular pop thread along with a more modern electro fabric… 

Q: In your own words, how would you describe the music that you
typically create?

AURUS: I feel like the music I create is in orbit around my feelings and thoughts. And sometimes it’s the other way around. As my perspective moves, so does my music, like a satellite around the same planet. So it can take many declensions. At times it is surrounded by darkness, a softer vibe with a sent of melancholy in the air of a silent city. Sometimes it is filled with a bright and warm light, on an agitated day in a tribe… Sometimes it is in between: the agitation under a starry night, kinda like dancing at a full moon party on the beach ! ^_^ Could sound silly to say but it basically is the soundtrack of my own life.

Q: What is coming up next for you?

AURUS: I’ve just released a new track and music video called « AWOL » in collaboration with Mathéo Técher. It’s not on my EP. The BIG NEWS is I have an album coming out on September 24th, it is called « CHIMERA » and I just can’t wait for you to listen to this blend that finds its roots in Reunion Island. I also have 2 music videos that will be released soon. And a great tour in France in July, November and December! We were supposed to tour in Africa, and Cabo Verde, but it has been pushed back due to the pandemic. The best way to stay tuned is to follow me on my social medias (Aurus Music). 

Q: Any parting words to your fans?

AURUS: Dear « Chimeras », I want to thank you so much for the love and energy you’ve given me during those difficult times. Now that the venues and festival are getting back on their feet, so are we, artists, and I can’t wait to give you back this love and energy IRL !!! Thanks for your precious support. Have a little more patience before the album comes out. But for now: « AWOL » is yours , it is not going anywhere 😉 

Interviewed by Kaitlyn Westerman





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