Artist Interview: “Hard To Find (Plastic)” by Connie Eliza

Q: This is your first single. Why this song?

CONNIE ELIZA: This song was the first I’d written from beginning to end. It was a collaboration with an old friend and producer called Yuma Senpai. It’s special because it’s the first and is only the start of my songwriting journey!



Q: Tell us your songwriting process from the initial idea to the final form.

CONNIE: My songwriting process surprises some people. I suppose I write songs backwards. I’ll sit alone in silence and make melodies in my head, voice note them on my phone, and build it from there with lyrics! Then I’ll take it to my good friend/wizard guitarist Kian Cardenas who puts chords to my melodies. I like to do it this way because I have no harmonic restrictions and especially as a jazz lover, I can be as crazy or simple as I want.


Q: What about your music is different, unconventional or unusual?

CONNIE: I like to think that my music has a familiarity about it – some say I sound like an early Lianne La Havas or Corinne Bailey Rae. I like to use harmonies that are interesting and jazzy, especially in the studio recordings of my songs. I suppose you could say my lyrics are unconventional as I like to address issues that aren’t spoken about enough in society. For example, ‘Hard To Find’ is about self-worth as well as a reference to the climate crisis. My unreleased music addresses more personal issues, such as self-control and living life to the fullest!



Q: Your music is so stylish and artistic, Are you planning any videos for your music?

CONNIE: Thank you! I would absolutely love to make videos for my music and I definitely will make some in the future. I think it would be an amazing experience. Watch this space!

Q: How would you describe your musical style?

CONNIE: I would describe my musical style as organic, mellow and jazzy. It is a mesh of jazz and soul, however my influences are eclectic – world music, Reggae and Motown being a few! My music is soaked with harmonies and catchy melodies that will be stuck in your head for the foreseeable future 😉



Q: What is coming up next for you?


CONNIE: I am currently working towards and EP, a lot of songwriting is happening! I’m working with some amazing musicians and producers to explore my sound. There is also a lot of gigs to come so I can try out my new tunes! I’m SO excited to show everyone what I’m working on and I’m eternally thankful for the support I have received so far. 



Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich





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