‘Her(e)’ by Subtle Mullets

Too many people have been in a situation where they’re trapped in a toxic relationship. It’s something that breaks you down, and sometimes it’s hard to tell it’s toxic until it’s too late. Subtle Mullet really hits this note with their second released single, ‘Her(e).’ It follows the tale of someone finally pulling away from that toxicity. Subtle Mullets has such an eclectic indie rock sound. They pull in lots of grunge and punk, and they dash some pop in as well. They’re known for their energetic and powerful sound that’s reminiscent of the 90’s.

‘Her(e)’ has such an energetic driving force to it. The guitar pulls such a grunge vibe into the song with the quick and powerful playing, and the coarser sound. This can be heard especially in the intro. You can tell Subtle Mullets really took their time to produce this track. It has such a crisp sound but pulls in a raw energy, and it makes great use of the guitar’s natural buzz. The drums really drive the beat, and they perfectly weave their way into the song. The ending to this track takes a dramatic shift. The tempo drops down, the guitar simmers into simple chord strums, and the drums completely fade out. It just pulls the listener in by changing the tone so rapidly. There’s a beautiful subtlety to the outro that perfectly contrasts the rest of the song. The harmonies in this portion are beautiful and hit such a somber tone. This tone shift transcends the musicality into the lyricism as well. The perspective is completely flipped around. Rather than being about moving forward, it’s from the perspective of being left behind. It begs the listener to ask, “Is this from the perspective of the other person in the song, or is it the narrator still trying to pull away from toxic habits?”

‘Her(e)’ lyrically fits the same tone as the music. It’s a song that explores the need to move forward. “I’ve got to get away from here \ Haven’t you heard ‘oh she’s so sincere’ \ I’ve got to get away from her \ nothing left but her’s,” the opening lyrics ring out. Later on, lead vocalist Jessie Waratah belts out, “I can’t live in fear \ I gotta get away from here.”  The repetition of the first line of the chorus to this last line is a nice touch. It really encapsulates the main point, having to get out. There’s such a nervous tension the lyrics develop. It truly captures the final moment of breaking free from a toxic relationship that may have been difficult to finally get out of. On the contrast, there’s a shining tunnel in this song. There’s an excitement to it that ties into the track’s driven force. An excitement for something new and better. For a fresh start.

Subtle Mullets is a proudly queer indie rock band straight out of Sydney, Australia. It consists of Jessie Waratah (vocalist), Adelaide Hayes (guitarist/vocalist), Evelyn Hayes (lead guitar), Miriam Sands (drums) and Hannah Cazar (bassist). They formed together in high school and have come a long way since then. They finished an album last year but have been taking their time to produce and perfect it. Some of the songs in this album, including her(e), were finished in the studio. This gives an authentic sound that shines through on ‘Her(e).’ Subtle Mullet’s first single, ‘Waste My Time’ is also definitely worth a listen. These first two singles both have their own distinct energy and sound, and they foreshadow a dynamic and captivating album.

Written by Sage Plapp





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