Artist Interview: Fall With Me by We’re Wolves

Q:  “Fall With Me” is such an epic track. When thinking back on this track, what are you most proud of?

WE’RE WOLVES: Thank you for your kind words. Honestly, I’m proud that we got the opportunity to try something new. To work out of comfort zone and create something different. This song really opens up the doors to try differnt sounds on our next record. I’m most proud of the maturity and tone.

Q: “We’re Wolves” is such a fun band name. How did this name come about?

WE’RE WOLVES: We wanted something that didn’t take itself so serious. Something that infused our love of horror, comic books, and rock and roll. We’ve always been the kinda guys that could laugh at ourselves. So I couldn’t imagine us having such a serious name. This name pokes fun at the supernatural while still maintaining an edge to it. Plus I’m a huge fan of an American werewolf in London… so that played a part in it.

Q: We’re Wolves has been putting out music for a few years now. How has your relationship between each other and music changed?

WE’RE WOLVES: We’re wolves for many years has really just been myself and my guitarist jeremy. We’ve written the majority of our material with Bryan Kuznitz from fame on fire. He’s basically part of our band and has really helped us craft our sound. We’ve gone through several lineup changes in the past few years, but sometimes you have to in order to find the right guys. I believe the lineup we have now is the best in years, and We’re extremely excited to work on LP2 with them.

As for our relationship, jeremy and I have been best friends for over 12 + years. Our relationship has always been the same, as have our goals. Musically we both just want to make the most fun and heaviest sounding music we can. We never try to be too heavy or try to sound like everything else. We have a lot of similar musical interests.

Q: You’ve put out covers and original music. What are the biggest challenges of both artistic endeavors?

WE’RE WOLVESHonestly… just making sure our personalities shine through the music. Even with the covers, we try to make them sound like us. We treat them as if they’re our songs. I’d say the biggest challenge is always wanting to do or make more. As independent artists, coming out pocket, there’s limitations. We would love to drop a new song every month if we could.

Q: What can fans expect next from “We’re Wolves?”

WE’RE WOLVESWe’ve got a brand new cover dropping in august. And absolutely insane music video coming in September. And the album dropping in October. That’s really all I can talk about at the moment.. just know, we have a slu of amazing shows on the horizon.. and can’t wait to get back into the studio to work on LP2

Interviewed by Sarah Scott






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