Artist Interview: Nobody Cares by Wavy Trees

Q: The video for “Nobody Cares” looks like it was so much fun! What was the most challenging aspect of creating the video for “Nobody Cares?”

WAVY TREES: The most challenging aspect was finding the cheerleader outfit for sure lol we went to a few places but ended up finding it at the Iguana thrift store in Hollywood.

Q: Throughout the video, the group has such a noticeable charisma and chemistry. How did Wavy Trees come about?

WAVY TREES: Wavy Trees came about by complete FATE! We all were put on this planet to be in this band & we couldn’t be more stoked to be on the ride together! We are a family and are enjoying every second of the ride.

Q: Is there a story behind “Nobody Cares?” Did a specific event inspire the track?

WAVY TREES: Nobody Cares was inspired by my entire life falling apart haha I had lost everything & it just felt like nobody cared. Everyone has those moments in life, I thought it would be cool to turn that feeling into a song so people can have something to relate to in those lonely moments.

Q: Does the group have a specific artistic process that is followed?

WAVY TREESThe artistic process for us is to be as weird as possible & never take anything seriously, this band is all about letting things happen naturally / organically. Don’t try, just let it happen.

Q: As the world begins to reopen, what is up next for Wavy Trees? Can fans expect to hear “Nobody Cares” live?

WAVY TREESThe answer is YESSSS!!! We will be playing all over the country and hopefully overseas soon!!! We can’t wait to sweat it all out with you guys and sing together!!

Interviewed by Sarah Scott





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