“April, Be Kind” by Lowtyde

Waking up on the right side of the bed is easy for the artist, Lowtyde. His single “April Be Kind,” featuring Seba Hara, is a refreshing new wave of optimism. This song appreciates the small things while encouraging a new positive outlook on life. Lowtyde does an impeccable job implementing catchy hooks and breakdowns. He walks the listener through a day with endless possibilities. “April, Be Kind” is the internal thought process of enjoying a beautiful spring day.

The track captures the attention of the listener with an upbeat rhythm and happy lyrics.

Rain Rain Rain Rain Fall Down …

April, Be Kind

April showers bring May flowers. Lowtyde welcomes the rain if it means getting paid. The spring season (which I took to understand is a symbolism of abundance) invites the rain so that plants and flowers can blossom into life- a rebirth. Sunshine is in every corner of this track – dedicated to the beautiful daylight of the spring season. 

It is easy to tell that Lowtyde is highly connected to the elements around him. “April, Be Kind” relays gratitude and manifestation. Literally asking the new season and the month of April to be kind and gentle to all living things basking in its radiance. 

April, be kind. I hate to see the cloud ride over your head …

This song is a solo anthem to follow aspirations and dreams. Turn up “April Be Kind,” when life is in full swing.  Lowtyde is a highly motivating up-and-coming artist that brings in the energy of accomplishment and positivity. There is no argument that this South Florida artist will bring light to a dark world. “April Be Kind” is a must-have on your spring playlist!

Reviewed by Abeni Moreno





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