Artist Interview: “Fish R Friends” by Lowtyde

Q: Tell me about your intentions with writing “Fish R Friends”?

LOWTYDE: So, I originally had these two songs planned as separate releases, but I had a change of heart and realized that these two songs fed off of each other well; together, they represent a more complete idea. 

I do remember writing “Goldfish” on a rainy day, sitting on my patio. The song represents my longing for growth. I hit a point in my life where I considered it sink or swim. I was starting to think of all life’s beautiful possibilities and I immediately felt small. It’s kind of ironic how a person can outgrow their “pond” but can still feel super small when they leave it, and realize how big the “ocean” is.

But to answer the question, I just wanted to give people a song/visual that could help on a rainy day, and to remind them to explore all of life’s possibilities, I want people to branch out from the pond they’re accustomed to. 

Q: What led you to pursue music?

LOWTYDE: Passion and creative expression. From a young age, I knew I loved music, but around middle school or so, I realized how much music can affect people. The ways that it can bring people together, the ways that people live their lives through music. I just feel like it would be the ultimate way to give back to humanity. It’s offering a piece of myself in hopes of maybe helping somebody else.


Q: What was your favorite thing about shooting the music video?

LOWTYDE: DEFINITELY the first half where I got to wear that mask around West Palm and genuinely confuse everybody who saw me walking around in that thing. There was a mini story line in there that was more subliminal than outright, and that was [probably] my second favorite thing. It represented wanting to leave and grow from the place you’ve known, but leaving and realizing that the world is bigger than you could’ve expected.


Q: If you could perform on stage with an artist, who would it be? Why?

LOWTYDE: I want to say Frank Ocean just because he’s my favorite. But in terms of throwing an awesome show? Probably Tyler the Creator right now. I just feel like the energy would be immaculate and I’d be able to wild out the way that I want to. We could also have a crazy set design. 

Q:How has Fort Lauderdale influenced your music?

LOWTYDE: It’s kind of funny because it used to have a major influence on my sound. I have a whole (unreleased) project that centered around the aesthetics of the beach and sunshine. I do feel as though I wear my Broward county colors pretty proudly and love to shout it out every time I get the chance. Most of my music reflects around the live I’ve lived in South Florida until this point, so you can probably hear some local references or Broward phrases in my music. 


Q: What are you working on now?

LOWTYDE: So, I’m currently working on an EP and a bunch of singles, so I can flood out the rest of the year and ride the momentum. There’s also a bunch of songs from last year that I’m trying to put out. Be on the lookout!

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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