Review & Interview: “Ceiling” by Elsewhere!

Elsewhere!’s single “Ceiling” is an engaging song that pairs deep, pensive lyrics with upbeat instrumentation in a thrilling juxtaposition that will having you walking on a cloud. Dynamic and expertly arranged, “Ceiling” blends the best of pop and rock into a magnetic and infectious track you won’t want to take off of repeat. 

With a subtle, rhythmic intro of synth tones and finger snaps, “Ceiling” begins with a spacious feel that leaves plenty of room for the lyrics to shine. The lead singer’s voice is smooth and straight-forward as the instrumentation builds with unexpected drumbeats and electric guitar rhythms. Suddenly, the chorus explodes in a bright, optimistic fireball that encapsulates you in a warm sonic embrace with glowing chords and synth melodies. The second verse builds with vocal harmonies into a fun, intense composition with realistic and heartfelt lyrics. The bridge features a dynamic orchestral shift as the lead singer states, “I wonder where you’re dreaming, cause I’m staring at the ceiling”.  

Based in Los Angeles, California, Elsewhere! is a four-piece band that creates well-rounded music full of depth and dance-worthy beats. “Ceiling” is a strong, confident single that showcases the quartet’s creative and inviting songwriting and addictive production that will have you impatiently waiting for their next release. 

Q&A with Elsewhere!

Q: How did the band come together to form Elsewhere!?

ELSEWHERE!: We actually met playing shows together in our own separate bands. After some time and some circumstance, we thought it would be cool to pool our talents for a new project.

Q: What is your collaborative artistic process? What is the most challenging aspect of artistic collaboration?

ELSEWHERE!: We’re always sending ideas to each other. That’s usually how it starts. Living in different cities, the hardest part is usually finding a time that we can all get together to finish a tune. Once we do, it’s just a matter of picking ideas that best represent all of us, then continuing to build from there.

Q: What was the most rewarding part of creating and producing “Ceiling?”

ELSEWHERE!: The most rewarding thing about the song has been the response. We’ve spent the last few years forgoing the release of songs to try and get as close as possible to mastering the craft behind the scenes. It feels really nice to finally get the chance to check in with people and learn we’re on the right track.

Q: In one sentence, how would you describe your music?

ELSEWHERE!: Our band focuses on providing a groovy, energetic backdrop of sound while trying to put together lyrics that are true to our experience while also resonating with the listeners

Q: “Ceiling” is your debut single. What can fans expect next from Elsewhere!?

ELSEWHERE!: We definitely have more to show, expect to hear from us a lot this year and in years to come!

Interviewed by Sarah Scott



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