“Ruthless” by MJ Duke

Singer-songwriter MJ Duke’s single “Ruthless” is anything but that. The song delivers a powerful and much-needed lesson that we all need – positive friends are in, toxic friends are out. Why would anyone want to hang around ruthless people? That’s just putting unnecessary and unwanted stress on yourself and the loyal people who are worthy of your time (they’re the ones you vent to about the ruthless people you choose to hang with).

“Ruthless” goes beyond perfection. The neo-soul track isn’t overbearing with too many special effects; in fact, the special effect added to the vocals gives the song character. The surprising factor is the fact that the vocals drive the song when usually the instrumentation does. Furthermore, the fact that the instrumentation isn’t the same throughout the song have you taken aback. When the verse arrives – “Paper chasers are just wasters” – the instrumentation simplifies to the piano, allowing the lyrics to shine.

One thing you can’t overlook is MJ Duke’s voluptuous voice. The raspy voice is enticing, and you can’t help but want to hear more of him spitting his bars. The haunting backing vocals bring a tremendous chilling effect to the song you can’t help but enjoy.

The positive message on top of the terrific composition makes “Ruthless” an incredible song and MJ Duke a phenomenal and genius singer-songwriter. This talented and handsome artist is not only headed to the top, but he’s also going to inspire millions of people with his talents.

Written by Taylor Berry

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