Artist Interview: “My Life” by Jeanricard

Q: I love how expressive and deep “My Life” is. Can you tell me more
about what this song is about?

JEANRICARD: Thank you for noticing. This song came to me at a very low time of my life I guess that’s why it came out so deep even though I wasn’t trying to do that.

Q: What is the inspiration behind the song?

JEANRICARD: Umm honestly, I just got tired of people telling me what to do, how to do, how to say, what to say. For instance, this is my 7th single and if you listen to each one of them, they all sound different, yet I keep hearing from some reviewers online that my songs always be missing something they wanna hear.

Q:  I can feel “My Life” being something special for you personally. Can
you elaborate on the message this song is communicating?

JEANRICARD: The message is really to get people to stop forcing on other people their ideologies, dogmas, and whatever kind of beliefs they possess. I’m living my life, you’re living yours, he’s living his, she’s living hers, I think that should be it. I think about transgenders, the questionables, bis, lesbians, gays, poly, heterosexuals, Christians, non-Christians. We all should be able to live the way we were made to live, not based off of what people think. I believe that at the end of it all we all will have to answer to only one judge, God.

Q: You came to the US after having survived an earthquake in 2010. Can you
tell us more about the experience and how it changed your life?

JEANRICARD: It’s a blessing and a curse. Curse: I haven’t seen my sisters and brothers in a while. Blessings: more opportunities.

Q: What inspired you to pursue music in the first place?

JEANRICARDBeen singing since I was 16, recorded songs in Haiti, but never truly taken it that serious until three years ago I started going to open mics around Chicago and people kept showing love and also my stepmom suggested that I should take this to a different level after listening to one of my songs so, basically that’s how I really started.

Q:   What are some challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

JEANRICARD:  Being an indie artist, my accent, culture, and the biggest one yet; ageism.

Interviewed by Katrina Yang





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