“Bad Ghost” by E.W. Harris

When E.W. Harris set out to pen “Bad Ghost,” he had a very particular narrative in mind. It tells the tale of someone in a post-apocalyptic future setting who finds themself with another soul, but then is killed and in death feels guilty that all that has transpired. It’s a tale fit for the big screen, but for now, it’s delivered by a voice that captivates with such an emotive response that you can’t help but go back again, and again.

When I took a quick look at E.W. Harris I thought, “Bad Ghost” was going to be a song that fell in line with hard rock or even was a bit rockabilly. This song was far from either of those. Instead, “Bad Ghost” is a beautiful blend of pop, indie, and folk. It reminds me of what you’d hear at a concert where the lineup included everyone from Ben Folds Five to The Fray as E.W. Harris’ style would play well in that scenario. One can only hope that’s where we’ll see him next as the year progresses. 

E.W. Harris has been making moves and music for over a decade now with his half a dozen albums to his name so far. His latest single, “Bad Ghost” marks a new chapter moving forward for the Brooklyn-based artist who has built a name for himself as a folktronist artist who dives deep into his dystopian romanticism. Which his latest single fully explores.

Those interested in music that takes the best from pop and folk and ushers them through an indie funnel can check out “Bad Ghost,” available now on major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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