Artist Interview: “Ghost” by Kylie Rothfield

Co Written with the amazing Ester Dean, Ryan Tedder and Shane McAnally and featured on an episode of Songland. “Ghost” was written about lost love and the feeling of drowning in emptiness in a big city.

– Kylie Rothfield 


Q: For viewers of Songland, this is a pretty incredible track, how does it feel to finally be out of your contract and be able to release it?

KYLIE ROTHFIELD: The response from this song when it aired on the episode was so beyond overwhelming that I didn’t know what to do with myself! I would wake up to thousands of DM’s, comments, messages, emails, youtube comments (often on other songs!), texts, etc begging me to release the song and I felt a bit helpless knowing I would have to wait an entire year to put it out. But I’m grateful to know people were patient and waited for so long for it to come out and the response has been ridiculously kind so far.



Q: How was working with Ester Dean, Shane McAnally and Ryan Tedder?


KYLIE: They are all absolutely incredibly gifted songwriters that I really look up to and it was definitely a dream to get to meet them and get advice from them.

Q: How has your musical career been since being on the show? Have you secured any collaborations or written with anybody notable?


KYLIE: To be fully honest, covid put a huge damper on the careers of almost everyone I know in my field. We haven’t been able to perform in over a year and couldn’t hold in-person sessions, and zoom sessions weren’t exactly super inspiring. I’ve been lucky enough to sign with DVG Records and put out an EP with them this year and have also gotten to write with some amazing artists- but I’m looking forward to pushing myself to ramp it up a bit more now that things are opening up again. Hoping for some even cooler collaborations and opportunities this year!



Q: Do you have any live performances we can catch you at soon?


KYLIE: Now that venues are finally opening up again and my performances won’t just need to be live streamed, I’m starting to look into booking things again finally. Stay tuned!

Q: How has being on Songland, changed your outlook as a songwriter?


KYLIE: Songland taught me to keep an open mind when it comes to reworking songs..to not be married to any one idea and be willing to adapt to whatever is best for the song and the artist performing it. It has also taught me that one of the most important things in this industry is to create a community of like-minded, kind and supportive artists and writers to work with and spend time with. I’m so beyond lucky to have met amazing people from the show that have now been integrated into my LA community of writers and I’m so stoked to be able to work with them again.


Q: Now that “Ghost” has been released, what do you intend to do next?


KYLIE: I think my next project is gonna be finally recording the album of acoustic songs I’ve written over the years and never released. I’ve been working hard on fine tuning my production skills and I’d like to challenge myself to produce my next project completely on my own. I’d also like to start regaining some vocal strength and practicing so that I can be ready to perform live again after so much time off. And of course, would love to be writing for other artists as much as possible.


Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich





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