“You Come and Go” by Tom Tom Park

An homage to great dance classics, Tom Tom Park’s single “You Come and Go” puts a modern twist on the songs that defined the genre. The bass lines are just infectious, allowing fun, energetic lyrics to float on top. Interesting melodies are supported by intricate harmonies that keep the song feeling groovy and perfect for the dance floor.

Lyrics touch on the type of momentary love that only happens in a nightclub. Drifting between appreciation through compliments like “You’re sweeter than candy” and obsession, declaring “There’s no escaping now what’s coming over me”. Despite these darker undertones it never strays from that pivotal groove that’s central to the song.

Throughout the catchy chorus, the backing vocals create depth and a foundation that supports the lead voice without overshadowing it. Providing this support with falsetto notes in the harmony comes across as effortless and helps it all build into the chorus. The busy drum set sits alongside everything without sounding complicated or wordy.

When “You Come and Go” reaches its lowest points, the stripped-down rhythm section helps add familiarity while providing tasteful fills. Funky bass rifts are met with synth pads that compliment the vocals and drive the song. Without sacrificing the energy, they manage to remain simple without sounding repetitive. 

The funky melodies and fills help keep this song feeling fresh and exciting to listen to. A great addition to Tom Tom Park’s Discography that shows off their versatility. The familiarity with fellow artist Will Burton is evident as the two produce yet another great song.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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