“Keep A Secret” by The Lonely Together

The new single, “Keep a Secret,” by The Lonely Together, is an upbeat space odyssey. The Scottish alternative pop/rock band released “Keep a Secret” as its 6th track on the debut LP, “Everything Viewed Backwards Through The Rearviewmirror.”   

Much like wandering in the desert, “Keep a Secret” describes a young individual who is lost, confused, or without direction. They possess a big secret that destroys them inside out – a soul tormenting experience, but there is a glimmer of hope for happiness.  The song starts with a story-like intro; a conversation between an adolescent and another person kicks off attention-grabbing inception to the song. 

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Cover your mouth, kid, keep it shut. 

You’re running high on bad luck. 

 You come to me when you’re alone.

We all keep secrets of our own. If you tell me what’s wrong, I can make it stop. 

There is a story of trust here. The risk of divulging the deepest darkest secrets to someone might alleviate pain and discomfort, but the true lesson the song portrays is self-forgiveness. Do not be so hard yourself and strive to be happy. Happiness and love are the ultimate healers to the darkest of traumas. 

Don’t put it all in evil hands.

Don’t waste your life trying to understand

…If we get enough love, we can make it stop

“Keep a Secret” beautifully creates an emotional narrative about an individual’s turmoil/pain and turns it into an innovative song. However, the band’s music presents a lonely wandering feeling to their music despite its upbeat canter, perhaps because there is a bit of loneliness to keeping a dire secret.

 The combination of melodies brings a spacey robotic feel to the song. The vocals add to the track’s imagery, and it makes the listener feel like they are among space and stars. This song is truly loving and a great listen for anyone to hear! It is the perfect addition to a road trip playlist.

Reviewed by Abeni Moreno





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