“I’m Trying” by The Dirt Luck

John Hale (Guitar ,vocals and bass) and Dan Douglass (drums) are former college roommates in Boston, MA who moved to Los Angeles to follow their musical dreams. Dirt Luck takes pride in being self produced, Dan mixes the records and he also is an award-winning sound designer for film and TV projects, “Dirt Luck” was recorded at home.

“I’m Trying is the first single produced by the duo, who is about finding beauty in the dark parts and basking in the bleakness. This self produced song is about drinking too much, being stuck with somebody and wanting to change something you can’t. Being in a pandemic made it clear that some people are okay with being stagnant and are not interested in change and sometimes the only way to deal with a problem or being the problem, is drinking.

Dirt Luck has a goal of living the actual dream, we all have a different view of what the dream is but all we can do is vibe to songs that we understand and keep trying. “I’m Trying” has that nostalgic yet new age feel, it’s difficult to captures feelings in a song, Dirt Luck does an amazing job at accurately portraying the feeling of feeling stuck. They are reminding us that is important not to overthink on what the other person wants you to do.

I anticipate great thing from the duo, this is the first single and I know they will continue to do great thing. “I’m Trying” is available to stream on Spotify and Bandcamp, I strongly encourage giving this song a listen, no matter what your relationship situation is, this song is the vibe.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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