“New York” by Kritters

To ask for your ashes to be spread somewhere is a profound statement. It is not merely an expression of love for a specific location, although that is certainly part of it. Even more than that, however, it demonstrates a deep spiritual connection, a desire to be permanently ingrained in the very memory of a place that will survive you. This is the request made by synth-pop duo Kritters in their atmospheric new single, “New York.”

Beginning with a pulsating single note on the synth and singer Kirini O.K,’s utterly enchanting voice, “New York” immediately draws the listener into a state of total hypnosis. Three rising tones emerge as a hum, followed by a sudden melodic descent on an open syllable, almost like a sigh. The lyrics commence in short, repeating rhythmic and melodic gestures, blending seamlessly with producer and instrumentalist Rob Steadman’s understated yet potent minimalistic backround. Changes in texture occur subtly, the pulse becomes more isolated and pronounced, and yet its echoes make it seem even further away.

With all of its expression of memory and longing, “New York” paradoxically offers both a sense of deep personal connection and detached, even spiritual objectivity. The city is not just a place where memories are made, but also a living organism that is simultaneously objectified and personified. The noise of New York City begins to filter through the sonic backdrop, as if its incessant ambient sound has been reincarnated as music. The pulse begins to climb a little higher and the sinuous sounds of string instruments sneak through the accompaniment. You can almost hear a police siren, the chirp of a car locking, and the elated yells of children playing in a park.

Indeed, like the city, “New York” is home to a multiplicity of sounds.

“New York” is available on all major streaming platforms.

Written by Jacob Jahiel





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