“Stranger” by Heckyl

Regret leads people to become shells of themselves. Sometimes it’s staying awake at night thinking about how things could have gone differently. Others you’re just going through the motions, but not present. On Heckyl’s single “Stranger” these themes are grappled with, in an almost playful way. 

Soothing melodies tell a story of not feeling yourself. Supported by an upbeat instrumental, the song is catchy and addicting. By the end of it all, I was already singing along with the chorus. The lyrics are easy-going and memorable without dumbing down their message.

Sampled vocals provide support to front-man Luke Potter who’s performance elevates the song. The addition of reverb on the drum set helps it all feel like it’s performed on a big stage. Airy synths keep the texture feeling light without getting in the way of the vocals. Because of this, lyrics never lose the intimacy of their delivery.  

I loved the contrast between the simplicity of the chorus and the introspective lyrics. The whole song felt perfect for summertime. Introspection meets bouncy pop chords allowing it all to feel digestible as well as fun.

Never straying away from the central message, “Stranger” manages to strike a balance between approachable pop music and mature lyrics. One of my favorite aspects of the song is that it’s easy to listen to. Everything is pleasant all throughout and it doesn’t get too complicated ever. It showcases all of Heckly’s strengths and allows them to focus on all the great parts of the song, without feeling the need to try and show off.

“Stranger” is available now on all major music streaming platforms.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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