“Over Again” by Dom Clark Trio

Too often we are told to forget the past and focus on what lays ahead, but what if yesterday, two months ago, 15 years ago you were living your best life and just want to recapture that feeling? Those moments? That should not be frowned upon. This is why I was happy to hear a song like “Over Again” by Dom Clark Trio. It beautifully pays homage to what was in a timeless sort of way. 

Timeless in that “Over Again” could be played in any decade, at any time, from the ‘70s on and it would have found a home on a radio station. It has those singer-songwriter vibes that are able to withstand the ever-changing landscape of trends because the music and lyrical content just fit universally on a timeline that has no end. In 20 years, “Over Again” could be played at a brunch in the heart of New York City and someone would stop and think about a time they would want to repeat. 

“Over Again” is the final taste of what is to come from Dom Clark Trio’s debut album that will deliver music built around a groove aesthetic, impactful lyrics, and a sprinkle of trumpet here and there. Those looking for music with a classic sound that will never go out of style can check out “Over Again,” available now on all major streaming and music sites. As for the trio’s debut album, keep an eye (and ear) out for that to drop in September 2021. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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