“Everyone Else” by Kylie Rothfield

Kylie Rothfield’s latest single, “Everyone Else,” is one of the most relatable and personal songs you could ever listen to. It seems like Rothfield tore a page from her diary for everyone to get a glimpse of her innermost thoughts about how it feels to watch friends settle while you’re the one still chasing your dreams without a clear vision of where you’re headed. Ironically, the sounds of her single, her being runner-up on season 11 of The Voice, and finalist on Songland, Rothfield is on her way to the top.

With a warm tone in her voice, Rothfield effortlessly invites us into this intimate environment. Immediately as the track opens with her voice, it feels as though she’s talking to a close friend, which would be the listener. It’s incredible how well the vocals and instrumentation blend together as if the instrumentation was meant strictly for her voice. The instrumentals don’t overpower and allow the vocals to stand in the spotlight – absolutely breathtaking.

The lyricism in the track would have to be the ultimate cherry on top – they are relatable and delivered in a story-telling way. Additionally, Rothfield needs to be commended because she didn’t imply in the song that her friends choosing to settle or her going after her dreams is a bad thing. She’s simply expressing her emotions regarding seeing her friends continuing down their visible paths while she’s stuck in the “I don’t know.”

The song in its entirety is gorgeous, haunting, and sweet. Rothfield is a beautiful singer-songwriter and one to watch out for.

Written by Taylor Berry

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