“A Girl I Met In June” by Numbers Don’t Count

“A Girl I Met In June” by German-based duo Numbers Don’t Count (members Mani Shimmers and Marcel B.) conveys an important message underneath the Beatles and Beach Boys influenced-tone, especially now that we’re in the age of modern dating. Protect your heart! Many lonely and broken-hearted people who miss their ex will do whatever they can to get them back, no matter who they hurt. On a serious note, the duo’s nostalgic single is beyond incredible.

The melodic guitar gives the song the vibrancy it has – a good folk-pop song needs to have some “color”; otherwise, it’ll just sound dull. Much appreciation to the duo for not omitting the acoustic guitar because folk-pop isn’t “folky” without the acoustic rhythm guitar. In this tune, the acoustic guitar makes a difference to the tonality by making it richer and providing a fuller sound – who doesn’t like hearing the clean and clear strumming of an acoustic?

You can’t ignore the 60s vibe that oozes from the track – it’s pretty impressive that musicians now can travel back to a different decade through music.

The way the duo conveyed the strong message in the song in a story-telling method is outstanding. As they are singing, you can see the story unfold in your head – it makes you feel bad for the guy in the song. The bouncy rhythm and repetition of the chorus make the song catchy and infectious.

“A Girl I Met In June” is not their first single (“Wholesome You”) and certainly not their last. Be on the lookout for more of their music. They’re just getting started!

Written by Taylor Berry

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