“Been Bad For Me (The Stuart Epps Remix)” by Jerry Impini

When one takes the outlaw spirit of someone like Jerry Impini and tosses the talents of the legendary producer Stuart Epps, the result can only be eargasmic. Which is what “Been Bad For Me (The Stuart Epps Remix)” is. Blending classic rock with the heart of a bluesman and an overall country tone and you have a song that is undeniable from the press of play. 

Jerry Impini is a musical Jack of all trades as he wears a multitude of hats from producing to songwriting to even being a classically trained pianist – there’s nothing he cannot do. However, when Stuart Epps comes a-knocking, you answer at the speed of light. Epps spent much of his career in the studio with artists that need no explanation like Sir Elton John and Led Zeppelin. Taking what he’s built a career upon and putting that magical touch on Impini’s latest, well, it was magical, to say the least. 

“Been Bad For Me (The Stuart Epps Remix)” is one of those songs that doesn’t ask for permission when it comes to invading your listening space. It just bursts through and takes charge and it doesn’t take long before you surrender and allow it to engulf you. Impini’s vocals have this country prowess, but what takes this track above and beyond is the action provided by the double piano that transports you from where you are to a saloon in the wild, wild west – or in modern times, your favorite local bar surrounded by friends and good times. 

Those who want to take this wild ride can check out “Been Bad For Me (The Stuart Epps Remix)” by Jerry Impini, available now as a Bandcamp Exclusive. 

Written by Kendra Beltran





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