Artist Interview: “Gold Cowries” by Jordan Olympus

Q: What was the inspiration behind your song “Gold Cowries”?

JORDAN: Gold Cowries is a self-esteem anthem, I was inspired by African folklore, behind that song I wanted people to be proud of who they are and where they come from. That’s why I use the allegory of the cowries, cowries were once a currency in some African countries, a traditional symbol full of sense Today from one perspective they are simply worthless shells, from another perspective they are priceless. Like the cowries, self-confidence is about the awareness of our true value. I feel like I wrote the song to tell a part of my own story, behind the track you can hear my music influences like M.I.A or Rosalia, and exactly like my origins I wanted the song to be mixed, with African and western sounds.

Q: What was one of your favorite moments while making the “Gold Cowries” music video?

JORDAN: I remember the day we filmed the scenes on the beach, it was during cold days, the water was around 5C. With Thomas Siemieniec the film director we talked about filming only on the beach and removing from the script the part in the water because I might not be able to bare the temperature. When we finished all the sequences on the beach, they asked me one last time if I was agreed to not shoot the footages in the water, then suddenly I started running towards the water. The team were so impressed that they started running towards the cameras and recording. That moment i was feeling confident, brave and so wild, all I needed for the song, we were all so excited about, that was so fun and crazy.

Q: What was it like growing up in a family of musicians?

JORDAN: That helped me a lot to build my musical culture and influences. It is so good for creativity to have a family who listen so many different musical genres, from rock and roll to soul music, I started to appreciate icons like the Beatles, ACDC, Céline Dion or Mickael Jackson at a very young age, we used to sing English, French and Malagasy songs. Watching them play guitar, piano and sing gave me the love for the stage and pushed me learn to compose on my own.

Q: What has been one of the most significant moments in your musical
journey so far?

JORDAN: As a new artist I think the best is yet to come, but since I started in February 2020 I think the most significant moment was the day I sang for a fashion show in Paris, that was exactly the place where I love to be, a place where I can express my love for fashion and music. I will never forget too, the day I have released my first EP “The Ascension”, the first step always matter.

Q: You have a very unique aesthetic and great sense of style! What made
you come up with it?

JORDAN: Thank you a lot, I think it comes from my mixed origins and all the travel I have made. I try to tell my own story with the aesthetic of my music and my style. A story of someone born between African roots and western culture, full of curiosity with a taste for mythology, folklore, and non-ordinary things. 

Q: Any parting words for your fans?

JORDAN: If you haven’t yet, support me on social media, I am working on a lot of new projects, you have seen only a little part of Olympus universe. Can’t wait to see you for a live music show.

Interviewed by Kaitlyn Westerman





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