Artist Interview: “Life Is a Mystery” by Eduardo Gutiérrez

Q: We notice you do your recordings at home. Tell us about your writing process for your compositions and recordings from the beginning to it’s final form. 

EDUARDO GUTIÉRREZ: If there’s something good that the pandemic and confinement had brought, has been free time so I learned to record at my house with a midi keyboard, a computer and VST instruments. Now that I understand the process of recording and I have less time, I feel comfortable in the intimacy of my home studio recording and editing my mock ups. Personally my first two albums “Letters of Life” (Cartas a la Vida)  and “Views of the Sea” (Cartas a la Vida), I recorded on a grand piano in a professional studio. My writing process always consists on improvising and a piano until I find harmonies or passages that I like and on which I can go deeper sometimes after a couple of improvised chords, I am able to see the raw diamond that it’s hidden behind.


Q: What is your inspiration behind creating these calm and cinematic tracks?

EDUARDO: It’s an interesting process where I observe and get to know myself in relation with the world around me. As I said that I improvise a lot, I need a piano to write. I’m inspired by the beauty of life and it is a source of inspiration to see the abundance of any corner, of a field with sunflowers, the innocent look of a child or a tree full of fruit.

Q: How is the music scene in Seville, Spain?

EDUARDO: The pandemic has been a hammer-fall for the stages, although now there’s more bookings happening, there’s not much concerts in the classical contemporary style, which has made it hard to find places to perform. Until now my experience has been to self manage my own concerts with a small public.


Q: Who are some of your musical influences?

EDUARDO: I’ve always felt attracted for almost any classical music melody, in my childhood I felt great interest for this music although it took me a while to sort that out. Little by little I will start discovering Chopin, Bach, Beethoven… And now I follow the great composers of this time like the Turkish composer Fazil Say.


Q: You have been working in music for a few years now, What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

EDUARDO: I believe everyone needs to find his or her own place and for that you have to try many things and figure out where do you really enjoy being and look in that direction. Personally, I really like the world of streaming and the platforms like Spotify, although once in a while I can do small concerts in Seville.


Q: Since you just released your EP, what is coming next for you?

EDUARDO: The album that I created during the months of confinement “Looking for April”,  has been my first work done at home and that I now have the experience of recording and mastering. I am remastering that album so I can do a re-launch in singles or a piece of two or three tracks each.


Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich, translated from Spanish.






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