Artist Interview: “Unrequited Love” by Therese Curatolo

Q: You have an impressive resume and have performed alongside artists like Stevie Wonder and at iconic venues such as The Troubadour. Where did your singing journey begin? 

Therese: Thank you! I was born into a musical household and my Dad is a professional musician. He nurtured my talents from day one and taught me as much as he could so I could make a career out of it. Everything started in the studio, studying and emulating the greats. I can 100% attribute my versatility as a singer/writer to dissecting the works of the artists I idolized. Ive changed many a musical lane over the years, (I went to school for operatic voice and thought I would become an opera singer) but songwriting at its core, takes up the most space and continues to reveal parts of me I didnt know existed.

Q: How have you gotten to where you are today?

Therese: Persistence, studying, and working alongside some of the world’s greatest musicians. Oh, and a sunny outlook on mostly everything.



Q: What inspires you to create music with a nostalgic flair to it? 

Therese: Going back to growing up studying the greats, the classics were IT in my house. The Beatles are undoubtedly my biggest influence with heavy emphasis on Paul McCartney. I was exposed to everything from classical music to jazz to the smoothest the 80’s had to offer. Dad absolutely ruined my musical palate forever, it’s too rich! My ears pinpoint the melodies that activate chills and I’m drawn to carving out my own simply because they’re ingrained in me.



Q: The song is titled Unrequited Love” and grapples with the frustrations of modern-day dating, which is all-too-relatable. How does the nostalgic air capture the longing for a less instant-gratification-based dating world?

Therese: It IS relatable, isn’t it? I know I’m not alone in this. I’m going to be real with you: I don’t even date and I find all of it extra overwhelming now that we have apps/social media dictating quite literally our every move. How would I even navigate it? Do you find yourself “reading into” an emoji? No emojis? Being left on “read/seen”? Don’t get me wrong, I think technology can be great but as far as “connection” goes, technology can do more harm than good. It has us creeping each other before we even meet and losing our minds over thinking every little detail. I listen to love songs from the 60’s and they’re so innocent – fast forward to love songs from the 80’s and they pack a passionate punch. Where’s the passion, 2021?! We’re so busy swiping and looking past what can be so obviously right in front of us that we’re missing out on natural connection. I wanted to rewind the clock and go back to a time when we didn’t hide behind our screens; where we didn’t rely on “likes” and “story views” to show our interest in one another. Ah yes – the good ol’ days. 

Photo Credit: Christophe McWhorter

Q: Who are the inspirations behind this song?

Therese: We wanted to pay homage to Toto & Michael Jackson’s, “Human Nature.” We pulled inspiration from other 80s giants (Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Heart) but that song, that vibe… its an unmistakable delicacy.



Q: How have your previous experiences, whether performances or features, helped you to forge your solo path forward into music? 

Therese: Leaning into my authenticity and my abilities as an artist has helped me overcome a lot of doubt and “imposter syndrome” as its been coined. From the beginning, I never desired to be anything like anyone else. Bringing that to my artistry and my performance is pretty powerful. The more I perform the stronger I become and I’m equipped to contribute more to every collaboration. It also helps that I have the privilege of working with some of the worlds most exquisite talents. They inspire me every day. 



Q: Whats next for your music? 

Therese: SO. MUCH. GOOD. STUFF. I’m gearing up for a trippy fall release: a ton of beautifully crafted pivots. Gotta keep it fresh! 

Interviewed by Kat Rendon

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