“Different Voices” by Gebrüder Manns

Reunited and it feels so good! Cup C was the original name for rap rock band, Gebrüder Manns who may appear to be new to the scene but in fact they’ve been making noise in the industry since 1996. After taking a “small” hiatus, Gebrüder Manns reunited in 2016 with the three original band members Marie Nielsen (vocals), Karin Schroeder (bass) and founding member Annika Manns (guitar) and have been working together with drummer Sabine Ahlbrecht since 2018.

Rap Rock almost feels obsolete and when you hear it, it always brings a smile to your face as you say “f**k yeah.” Female rap rock band Gebrüder Manns first release “Different Voices” will empower you with powerful lyrics about acceptance and inclusivity. The lyrics “Breathe in, spread out, Raise your voice and get loud” encourages the masses to just let go and speak up for yourself.

Marie Nielsen comes in hard while rapping “We are the true rebels, You are the daredevils, Stay real and take it to the next level.” It’s the perfect setting for a beautiful mosh pit, a crowd that feels empowered and just lets loose is one of the best things yet. “Different Voices” makes you want to scream in the best way possible and it makes you want to lift up other people as well.

“The lyrics are about life on a small and large scale: Beauty mania and youth cult, body optimization and virtual ego, resurgence of extremism and inhumanity, brutality and naivety, love, sex and death.” says “Gebrüder Manns. “Different Voices” is the perfect song to reintroduce yourself to a generation of empowered woman, poc, and the youth.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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