“Chimes” by The Running Free

Dave Norris is from North Yorkshire and leads music collective, The Running Free. He has been playing in bands for most of his life but Dave has always wanted to be frontman of his own band. After living abroad and doing some soul searching, Dave wrote and recorded songs that became the core of The Running Frees’ sound and style. Max Griffiths (Zela), drums and Molly Boden, bass quickly became part of the collective.

The pandemic has hit everyone hard and in different ways and we all try our best to keep our heads up and to keep working through it. Life got cut short due to the pandemic and despite that the band continued working hard to release three singles in the later half of 2020. They also managed
to produce two music videos and a number of live streams. Social media has proven to be amazing for some and yet also a downfall for a lot of people.

The making of “Chimes” was heavily influenced by social media. The lyrics talks about how superficial social media is and the struggles that come with it such as losing yourself in the mess. The Running Free accurately captures how easy it is to get swallowed up by social media.

The last single produced by The Running Free was in Dec 2020, all of the fans who have been waiting for the newest release will be thrilled with “Chimes”, The Running Free has two more singles to come and it is anticipated to be just as kick ass as this one. You can stream The Running Free on Spotify and Soundcloud and be sure to look out for live shows.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Creds: John Shepherd





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