“The Song We Will Remember” by The DePatie Melt

Death is inevitable and we have to learn to accept it. Losing someone near and dear to us is never easy to process, but one must try to remember that while the person is no longer physically present, he or she will always be spiritually present within our hearts. The emotional single “The Song We Will Remember” by the American based act known as The DePatie Melt beautifully illustrates this subject matter.    

The single begins with a simple yet touching chorus that contains a rather beautiful message. “You are the song we will remember. You are the hit full of life and love.” The song is of personal significance to the band, as it pays homage to a beloved friend who died unexpectedly. Each time the chorus is sung; the lyrics make several references to various bands and artists that have had an influence on guitarist John DePatie’s music from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin. “Look up to the skies and see. Lucy in the sky with diamonds. You are all that to me.” The lead vocals are gentle and smooth, but a slight hint of soul can be heard within the vocals, especially when the chorus is heard for the fourth and final time.

The DePatie Melt is an ensemble of well diverse singers and musicians and this powerful composition demonstrates the unique talents of each band member. Musically speaking, the song is very reminiscent of what we would hear from 1970’s rock icons such as The Eagles and Jackson Browne.

Written by Brittany Jennings




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