“Joy is Where” by AUNT.T

“Self-love” and “self-care” are both phrases that have gained plenty of traction in the last couple of years, and not without good reason. Modernity has posed a host of problems, and as our outward lives have been rendered more public, our souls often seem more and more isolated. In her new single, “Joy is Where,” London-based singer-songwriter AUNT.T encourages us to look inward for our own sources of happiness.

“Joy is Where” offers a message that might be familiar to those who have practiced mindfulness mediation. AUNT.T emphasizes awareness, acknowledging her personal constraints, and celebrating the agency she does have, most importantly her power over her own perception. She reminds us that, even within our friendships and romantic relationships, the greatest sources of joy come from within.

AUNT.T has created a compelling and highly individualistic sound in this meditative, tuneful song. Her compositional style is at times almost free-form, and she is unafraid to bring the listener into unknown sonic territory, pushing the typical boundaries of time and phrase structure. Unusual chord progressions waver between major and minor keys, and her words seem almost spontaneous at times, phasing in and out of the tantalizingly elusive groove.

The minimalistic musical is highly compelling, but even more impressive is AUNT.T’s rich, molasses-like voice. Her vocal control would be the envy of opera singers, with perfect vibrato and an impressive range. Furthermore, she demonstrates unusual flexibility with the way in which her voice functions within the music. In slower, melody-dominated sections, she seems to shape and hang on each note. Other times, she quickens the pace of her words to accentuate the beat.

Joy may very well be within us, but it is certainly in this song.

“Joy is Where” is available on all major streaming platforms.

Written by Jacob Jahiel





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