“I Just Had Sax” by Leonardo Barilaro

Once everything was said and done, “I Just Had Sax” by Leonardo Barilaro felt like it was straight off a Lady Gaga record in that it invigoratingly took numerous twists and turns, some sensual, some quite dystopian. In the end, it was a wild ride I wanted another chance to take!

When I first clicked play on this track from Barilaro, I expected the type of jazz music my father would tell me tales of. Instead, the sax was brought into the jazz was brought fully into the 21st century with electronic beats that gave “I Just Had Sax” more climactic moments than a Blockbuster movie night. But aside from the whirlwind of sound Barilaro created here, there’s a deeper message the artist wanted to convey. He notes the song is a protest song “the current situation of artists in the ‘productive industrialized’ society during this pandemic situation.” 

So while the music and arrangement does wonders in terms of captivating all on it’s own, the meaning behind it all is what this dynamic maestro of sound wanted listeners to walk away with. 

“I Just Had Sax” is just one of many new gifts to the world that Leonardo Barilaro has given to the world since the pandemic took hold of normalcy in March 2020. Working out of Malta, Barilaro produced and released four EPs, eight singles, and all while developing his take on contemporary space music. 

Those interested in taking this ride, can check out Leonardo Barilaro’s “I Just Had Sax,” available now on all major music and streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran




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