“Unify” by James Greenfield

Some people have to grow into loving instrumental music. Not me. I was that kid who found the scores to Disney movies just as amazing as the larger-than-life numbers led by a princess and her talking animal companion. So now we do not have Ariel or Cinderella belting it out, but we do have a song by James Greenfield that could be the soundtrack to a serene backdrop any day, and that song is “Unify.”

There is a sort of ominous tone when James Greenfield begins “Unify” that captures your attention. Like when someone walks up to a mic in the middle of the stage and lightly breathes into it before they continue. You are taken aback because that one moment made you anticipate what could be next. That is how this beautifully done track felt, but as the song played on and the waves of sound created a comforting, familiar audible blanket – the anticipation was gone. In its place, a sense of calm. 

James Greenfield composed this in mind with a lesson many around the world should hear, and that is the importance of listening to one another. When one listens, one can connect on the positives instead of the negatives. There has been enough negativity in the world lately, it is time to listen, connect, and move onward and upward towards a better tomorrow. 

Those interested in a fine piece of soothing instrumental music can check out James Greenfield’s “Unify,” available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran




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