“Paradise” by Josh Berkeley

When people think of paradise, a myriad of different places come to mind. To some it’s floating at sea, to others it’s a beach. Between them all, it’s a place where they feel comfortable, somewhere they’re not constantly challenged. Matching this energy, Josh Berkeley finds his paradise in love on his new song “Paradise”.

I may be a tad biased as a trombone player myself, but the horns are phenomenal. At times providing jazzy fills, at others simple chordal tones. Their voices give the foundation for the melody to move around almost exploratively. Repetitive licks allow them to stay interesting without constraining them to a single tone. Capturing the easy-going, optimistic feel that an actual paradise is all about. They complement what’s going on around them without taking the spotlight away from Josh Berkeley’s beautiful vocals.

Whenever the song would circle back to the chorus it wouldn’t just repeat – it would expand upon what’s already been said. Whether it’s adding countermelodies in the horns; or thicker backing vocals the song felt like it was constantly moving forwards. Light percussion would ease the song along but never felt like it was pushing.

At the end of the day what I loved was how fun this song was. Not just to listen to (although that too), but because the joy the musicians had while recording it is evident. It may sound odd to say you can hear a smile, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Josh Berkeley sounds mature over the tasteful rhythm and horn sections, but most importantly sounds comfortable. “Paradise” is peaceful and easy to listen to, capturing the atmosphere of true paradise perfectly.

“Paradise” can be found on all major streaming platforms.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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