Review & Interview: “#RihannaMove” by Shevy O’Shea

The most unforgettable songs are ones with the catchy hook that gets stuck in your head or the one that moves through your body, causing you to dance – or both. “#RihannaMove” by Shevy O’Shea is both. Containing lethal afro-beats and an indelible hook, this single has enough power to make a nun do a body roll – maybe even twerk.

Shevy O’Shea. Don’t forget the name – it belongs to a rising star you’ll see and hear more of in the future. “#RihannaMove” is the Los Angeles-based artist’s most recent single with over a million streams on Spotify.

If Rihanna and Jason Derulo produced a song together, it would sound like this track. While O’Shea has his own unique sound, the vocal style is in slight proximity to Derulo’s. Also, if you listen closely, the song kind of reminds you of Derulo’s “Swalla.” Nonetheless, O’Shea did his thing on the track, and the fact that it sounds Billboard worthy proves O’Shea is on the rise.

The perfect afro-beats and hook make the track easy to vibe with and dance to. The beat has to stand out (but not in a complex way) to make a memorable song and make people move – a rudimentary beat is perfect as long as the other instrumentals don’t overthrow it and it goes with the rhythm.

The lyrics aren’t complex; they’re memorable and straightforward. It’s so easy to hook on the hook – you’ll find yourself singing it over and over in your head while swaying to it. Don’t be embarrassed, like mentioned before, it’s unforgettable.

O’Shea blessed us with a music video for the tune, and it’s impressive. From the lighting to O’Shea’s swagger, it’s definitely something you can vibe with.

“#RihannaMove” is an incredibly genius song that has more than the potential to go viral on social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram Reels, and we can’t for it to happen. O’Shea is an artist we should all be watching out for.

Written by Taylor Berry

Q&A with Shevy O'Shea

Q:  I played “#RihannaMove” at my 4th of July party, EVERYONE (from age 6 to 65) put their plates down and started dancing and body rolling. So, I have to ask, how do you command people to dance through your music? How is your music able to move through people and cause them to dance?

SHEVY: I think it’s the passion that’s felt in the song. When I created the song, it wasn’t about getting the words right, but more so getting the feels right and I think that’s felt as soon as you press play. I really wanted “#RihannaMove” to immediately get your attention.

Q: Where did the song title originate from?

SHEVY: Being from the Caribbean where it’s all the vibes, I immediately thought of fellow Caribbean native Rihanna and how she danced in her music video “Work” featuring Drake, listening to the beat for the first time made me think, “as soon as anyone hears this they’re gonna want to hit that #RihannaMove,” and make their body roll!


Q: Where do you see this song taking off to?

SHEVY: To infinity and beyond. The record is just over 3.2 millions streams across all platforms, and just a few streams away from 1 million on Spotify alone. Not to mention it have been added to over 400 Spotify playlist and over 23,000 TikTok videos, so I think we’re just getting started. “#RihannaMove” is a HIT!


Q: I see that you also have a music video out as well. What was it like filming it? What was the best part?

SHEVY: “#RihannaMove”! Wow making the video was so DOPE!! However it was a long and cold process lol. Having a car mounted on a dolly with cameras all around was intense. Nonetheless, FUN! I’m heavy involved in the creation process. My team shoots me ideas and I build Shevy into the idea, making it more me, my vibes. I love my team. So definitely working with them had to be the best part. We literally laughed every take.


Q: You’ve been making music for a while. Has COVID affected your music career?

SHEVY: COVID impacted the entire world. So, yes definitely, however, it allowed me to learn more about myself and my creative process. And I was given ample time to record new and probably some of my best material. Giving me the time and stillness to complete my album. So, it was a blessing in disguise.


Q: Currently, this track has gotten over a million streams on Spotify. How does that make you feel?

SHEVY: I’m thankful, so so thankful, but also it’s a little spooky. To know that that many people are listening my song is mind blowing, so SICK! However it’s what’s I’ve been working so hard to get to. I’ve been working at this for a long time and to know after 5 long years the universe and I are finally in alignment. It such an exciting time for me.


Q: What do you have to say to your listeners out there?

SHEVY: I just want to say to all my #ShevyTrucks, fans, and supporters, thank you all so much. This has been such a trying and self discovering process for me. I’ve learned so much about myself and how/why I want to create music. I couldn’t have done this with out you guys. I love you all. And I promise there’s so much more to come!

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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