‘Switch’ by MUNGMUNG

Like many others, I was captivated by the world of Nintendo growing up. It pulled me out of the darker world around me and into adventure and freedom. Never once did I think of Nintendo and its games as a possible metaphor for disconnect and heartbreak. That was until I listened to MUNGMUNG’s Switch. Switch is a lovely track that uses Nintendo references to describe a disconnected relationship. The music itself is so smooth and cute. It’s just perfect to vibe out to and will hit a bit of nostalgia for any Nintendo fan.

MUNGMUNG’s ‘Switch’ displays a rich blend of pop and hip-hop. There’s even a dash of R&B sound in the smooth melodic vocal lines. This track’s lo-fi sound builds such a cute atmosphere, and it’s a perfect vibe. It really fits with the cute vibe of Nintendo that’s been apparent with the Switch and Animal Crossing. MUNGMUNG makes great use of vocal riffs in this track and displays a succinct vocal ability. Her vocals that take the beat-driven sound of hip-hop and make it smooth and melodic.


‘Switch’ is a wonderfully written piece. It takes the feeling of an out of touch relationship and dashes it full of Nintendo references. This opens up tons of opportunities for creative and original lyricism, and MUNGMUNG took that and ran with it. “Why you gotta flip the switch like Nintendo? / A hit and then a miss, what you intend to do? / Ooh, we play the game only to lose,” is just one example of this lyricism. Doing something so creative with lyricism could definitely be a hit or a miss, and MUNGMUNG hit it right on the dot.


MUNGMUNG is a Sydney-based musician. She’s all about the kawaii aesthetic, both in her music and fashion sense. Her clothing style hits such a Harajuku vibe, and it’s perfect. Her music and style really goes hand and hand, and that’s just a part of the art she creates. MUNGMUNG’s music pulls in a lot of hip hop, R&B and lo-fi, and it has such a chill dreamy energy. She’s been making melodies since she was very young and has been creating full songs since the age of 13. MUNGMUNG currently has three official singles and has a lot more to come.

Written by Sage Plapp




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