“Gonna Turn” by Nicky Moran

For the first time in a very long time the world was hit by something unimaginable and as we slowly try and crawl back to what our lives were post-2020, we have to be reminded that positive outlooks can do wonders for the soul. Those reminders can come in a variety of forms; notes left on the fridge, texts from loved ones, or songs like “Gonna Turn” by New Zealand’s Nicky Moran. 

There has been a song in Nicky Moran’s heart since she was just a kid and while she spent two decades writing and playing piano, nothing stuck until her life took its own unexpected turn. After battling some health issues and finding solace in her community’s support, she was inspired by a sort of divine spirit. From that came songs that guided her from the shadows and into the light, and onto brighter days. 

“Gonna Turn” is just the latest positive note from Nicky Moran. A song that stands on a solid foundation of Americana and folk, but soars to new heights thanks to the myriad of positive turns it encourages throughout. In the end, hopefully moving all who listen to turn their lives around for the better. Which is what Nicky Moran has done with her music for many years, as she is still the only artist in New Zealand to tour prisons. Touching the lives of those society often forgets for several years now, Moran’s folky gospel has moved many. 

Those who love their folk with a gospel touch can check out “Gonna Turn,” available now on all major music and streaming sites. Also, keep those eyes and ears open for Moran’s 10th gospel album, ‘Unlocked,’ out soon. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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