“Black Box” by Rodney Eldridge

The amount of courage and strength it took for Nashville singer-songwriter Rodney Eldridge to release his new EP “Black Box,” which touches on his personal struggles and mishaps, must be immense. Each song contains power, emotion, and meaning that, no matter what, you won’t be ready for. The four-track debut record holds the effect of an orchestra concert with its massive sound; you’re on the edge of your seat, never wanting to reach the end, but when the end arrives, you release the breath you never knew you were holding. An artist can only be that phenomenal if they have that effect on their audience.

“Came Here To Talk” starts the EP and is a heartfelt and haunting song with a warm/cool sound. The beautiful acoustic instruments give the song its warm and rich tone, while Eldridge’s raspy voice adds a cooling effect, which works well with the song. Eldridge has faced challenging moments that have led him to create the EP, including his faltering relationship with God. Ironically, this piece sounds like a Hillsong type of song – stunning.

“The Weight” is the second track and my favorite because of the dynamics in Eldridge’s vocals. The song is so vibrant with the harmonies, acoustic guitar, and melodic guitar. The song is so bold and gorgeous, and you don’t want it to end. It ends abruptly, and you can’t help but want more – definitely standing ovation-worthy.

The third piece, “Am I Too Late?” feels like Eldridge is talking to you personally. The build-up at the end with the harmonies is magnificent. “Other Side” closes the EP with powerful lyrics like “you pegged me wrong, dear, but I blame myself.” This track is very emotional, and there’s no doubt that many will resonate with it.

It’s brave of Eldridge to want to open up the way he does in the EP with his listeners. On top of being a great artist with fantastic music, fans love transparency, and Eldridge is the real deal. Based on the EP, the singer-songwriter is not stopping, and we should stay tuned for more of his music.

Written by Taylor Berry





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