“The Apocalypse” by Kodah

Kodah is a 28 year old from Bloomington, Indiana. From a young age she was writing poetry and stories and quickly picked up the guitar, at about the age of 11 started Kodah began the journey to songwriting. Shortly after in high school, she started recording and producing her own music. After years of writing and recording, Kodah finally felt the need to put together and debut an album, given her past, everything on this album is written, recorded, and produced by herself. Kodah recorded “The Apocalypse” at her house in the country and had the help of Abby Bland with mastering.

Passion is the first thing you hear in music, you can either feel the pain or at least relate to it. Not just pain, any emotion, having the audience feel the emotion behind a song or an album is what most artists strive for. Kodah has expressed that “This album represents many different feelings, sounds, and lyrics that reflect different moments in life and things that have inspired me over the years. It is in a way, like a diary page or poetic spilling from my life set to music.”

Knowing how much emotion Kodah put into this album will make you understand what you’re hearing. “Stranger” invites you in with heavy guitar and sultry lyrics such as “All I know is you, but I don’t know you at all”, it keeps you drawn in while the bass kicks in with a mini solo. Just a few songs down into the album, self titled song “The Apocalypse” showcases the years of work Kodah has put into playing the guitar. With an almost witch like tune, Kodah addresses the effects of insomnia and wanting to someone to not let you down or leave your side.

“The Apocalypse” ends on a slower note, but it doesn’t mean Kodah slowed down on her lyrics. “Let It Go” is more of an empowering message with chorus lines such as “You gotta know when to give up the ghost, gotta know when to let it go.” It is very hard to get rid of or forget something that you are so latched onto, something or someone that you essentially dedicated your life to, we all need a reminder to just let it go. While it may be easier said than done, Kodah does an excellent job at easing you into it with soothing guitar tones and vocals.

“Not everyone can hate it, right?” – Kodah

“I made this music as a way to express myself in a creative way and to simultaneously work through experiences. I picked 10 songs from my recordings, tried to polish them a bit, and then arrange them in a concise way that flows and hopefully reveals a glimpse of my life, my story, and what has inspired me.”

Written by Jaye Maverick





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